HotCRP is world-class software for managing the conference review process, including submission, reviewing and commenting, rebuttals, and the PC meeting. Its main strengths are review flexibility and ease of use: smart paper search and a tagging facility help conference chairs design their own review processes. These features are particularly important for larger conferences with in-depth reviewing. HotCRP is widely used in computer science conferences and for internal review processes at several large companies.

HotCRP is open source and can be deployed on your own server; is a commercial service that hosts HotCRP deployments. Using offers several advantages, including integrated login, automated backup, quick deployment of new HotCRP features, and, optionally, support.

To create a conference, email Eddie Kohler or fill out the form below. Pricing is $10 per submission for limited support.

Want to play around? Try the test conference.

Other conference review packages: START, EasyChair.

Create a conference

Examples: “hotos13”, “nsdi14posters”—only letters, numbers, and dashes; please include a two-digit year
Examples: “HotOS XIV”, “NSDI '14 Posters”; please include a full year (“2016”), year abbreviation (“'16”), or conference number (“1”, “III”)
Example: “14th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems”
If you don’t know the password, leave it blank and your conference creation request will be sent to the administrator for approval.